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The THREATS project will carry out the following:

1. Build on the work carried out by previous and running EU projects under the European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection to prepare specific security and threat assessment models and tools applicable to the Health sector

2. Develop a reliable method for assessing the vulnerability of major EU health infrastructures

3. Challenge the developed models and risk-assessment tools through a case study applied to a major EU hospital infrastructure

4. Empower the EU Member States with broad reach and efficient capacity assessment tools to measure critical healthcare infrastructures’ vulnerability to terrorist attacks

5. Disseminate to security authorities and operators at EU level, guidelines designed to harmonise and optimize the preparedness of hospitals’ healthcare infrastructures against terrorist attacks

THREATS will thus support the implementation of the Directive 2008/114/EC by identifying risks, threats and vulnerabilities of Healthcare, developing common methodologies for the identification and classification of risks, threats and vulnerabilities of healthcare infrastructure assets and giving access, at MS level, to best practices, guidelines and methodologies concerning healthcare infrastructure protection while taking into account interdependencies with other CIs.

Overall, THREATS, by increasing preparedness against terrorist attacks targeting hospitals and healthcare infrastructures, will empower the EU MS with the most efficient and reliable decision-making tools to measure and minimise critical healthcare infrastructures’ vulnerability to terrorist attacks.