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The San Raffaele Scientific Institute is the largest and most important private Hospital and Research Centre in Italy. It forms part of the largest biomedical science park in Italy, housing more than 660 scientists and technicians (including postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and undergraduates), 670 physicians working in clinical research projects and 20 associate institutions that provide research services. The competitiveness of the San Raffaele Scientific Institute is also demonstrated by its ability to attract funding from public, private Italian sources and international funds.

e-Services for Life and Health Department
Since 1997, San Raffaele Scientific Institute added a specific Unit focused on Information Technology applications in the health domain. The Unit, called e-Services for Life and Health, works on different research and innovation areas:
SMARTer and SAFer HOSPITAL R&D Program for Patient Safety
SMARTer and HEALTHIer LIFE R&D Program focused on disease prevention and well-being promotion.
SMARTer and HEALTHIer CITY R&D Program:

Clinical Departments
San Raffaele’s clinical component: 49 specialties and departments, 6000 employees, 1400 beds; 7 million out-patient procedures, 43000 admissions, 26000 surgical procedures in 2012.

San Raffaele’s Emergency Department, with its 64000 visits in 2012 is one of the most active in Milan. It also has national and international experience in the management of major emergencies (e.g. 2004 Tsunami, 2010 Haiti Earthquake), training in disaster medicine, and numerous scientific publications in the field. Since 2008 San Raffaele Hospital has been part of the MRMI (Medical Response to Major Incidents and Disasters) European network and in May 2014 it was recognised as the MRMI Italian Representative with a permanent member on the MRMI International Board.

faccincaniPrincipal Investigator: Roberto Faccincani, MD, M, emergency surgeon, has worked in IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele (OSR), Milano, since 1998.

CURRENT POSITION: Surgical Activities and Trauma Management Coordinator of the Emergency Department. Also in charge of the medical aspects of the Hospital Emergency Plans (massive afflux of casualties plan and contingency and evacuation plan) and related training programme for hospital personnel.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) and MRMI instructor; tutor for medical and non-medical students for Vita-Salute San Raffaele University; tutor for NBCR Firenze University second level master; leader of the MRMI-Italia Group.

SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE: member of several Trauma and Disaster Medicine scientific associations, spokesman at several congresses on Crisis Management and Disaster Preparedness and Response and MRMI International Board member

OTHER: experience of operational disaster management; vice-president of an Italian NGO (COSV – Coordination of the Organizations for the Voluntary Service); part of the Italian Army Medical Reserve;
EU project experience in the field of Disaster Medicine, Critical Infrastructures Protection and Security: FP7 Sec-2013 IMPRESS Advisor (http://fp7-impress.eu/)

carlucciMichele Carlucci, MD, M, emergency surgeon, has worked in OSR since 1980.

CURRENT POSITION; Chief Director of OSR Emergency Department & Emergency Surgery Unit. He is part of the Hospital Command Group during crisis.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: ATLS instructor and course director, adjunct professor of Surgery for UNISR.

SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE: member of several Trauma, Emergency Surgery and General Surgery scientific associations, organizer of many congresses and simposia on surgical & trauma topics, author of several scientific publications & text-book chapters.

pasqualiniNeva Pasqualini, Engineer, expertise in occupational health and safety; works in OSR since 1996; Occupational Health and Safety Consultant in different Italian healthcare institutions.

CURRENT POSITION: Director, OSR Prevention and Protection Service, head of technical safety and protection services of IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele and “Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele”. Leader of the review and evaluation process of OSR’s Emergency and Evacuation Plan, and its related training programme designed for OSR employees.

Co-founder and partner of “Ensa engineering & safety s.r.l.”, a consulting company specialized in health and occupational safety founded in 2005.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: accredited teacher and instructor at AIAS Academy, Milan, Italy, in “Prevention and Protection Services” training courses, specifically designed for safety officers and operators; teacher at San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy, of “Hygiene and Occupational Safety” course.

SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE: co-author of several scientific publications and textbook chapters on the topic of Hygiene and Occupational Safety.

OTHER: current member of the Italian Association of Safety Operators (AIAS) and Italian Association of Industrial Hygienists (AIDII).

viciniSauro Vicini
Sauro Vicini is the leader of “City of the Future Living Lab” activities in the San Raffaele Scientific Institute of Milan. He’s an ICT program manager and a research scientist in the eServices for Life and Health department. He is member of the committee for the coordination of the “Technologies for Smart Cities and Communities” cluster for the Region of Lombardy as of 2013. He has been collaborating on numerous European projects, alongside both national and regional research projects since 2006. His research interests include eService design, e-health, personalised services, user-driven open innovation, smart cities, IoT, living lab methodologies, personal health systems, mobile applications for well-being and disease prevention, ontologies and semantic engines, energy management systems, sensors and body area networks.

sannaAlberto Sanna
Alberto Sanna was born in 1962 and graduated at Politecnico di Milano. He is involved in healthcare process re-engineering projects in OSR since 1989. He was in charge of several automation projects, designing and realising robotic work cells for Patient- and Operator-safety critical processes. From 1992 to 1996 he was assigned to the Information Technology dept., where robotics experience merged with process analysis, Information System analysis, design and implementation. Since 2002 he is the director of the e-Services for Life and Health Research Unit which manages the three research programmes: Smarter and Safer Hospital, Smarter and Healthier Life, Smarter and Healthier City. He has been Project Coordinator of FP5 DRIVE and of FP6 PIPS Project and presented his work in 100+ national and international scientific congresses. He is inventor of 3 patents and trademark in the field of health innovative technologies and author of videogames and edutainment products.


Website: http://www.hsr.it/